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The Anglian Pass has now been approved by all three navigation authorities’ boards/users groups, based on the information provided below. Work is now progressing on the application process and Call Centre staff training. The hope is the Pass will be available for purchase in March 2021, for the start of the new boating season 01 April 2021. Further information and application information, as it becomes available, will be available at www.visitanglianwaterways.org


1.0 Background


The Environment Agency (EA), Conservators of the River Cam (CC) and the Middle Level Commissioners (MLC) have been working closely together to provide boaters with an option to navigate unrestricted across the neighbouring navigations.


In considering this new Anglian Pass the three navigation authorities have taken into consideration the following factors;


- The introduction of the Middle Level Act 2018 (the ML Act). The introduction of the ML Act has provided the MLC with the powers to levy charges for boaters on their navigations. Whilst this aids the MLC in obtaining the much sought after funding to manage their navigations, this also means, boaters in the area are subject to an additional registration charge; whether an annual registration with the MLC, or a short-term/visitor registration for boaters who are not based on MLC waters. MLC have always stated, with the introduction of the ML Act, that they intended to work with neighbouring authorities to provide an option to make moving between navigations as painless as possible.


- The expiry of the existing Cam Interchange Agreement. The current Agreement expires on the 31 March 2021. The EA and the CC have been in discussion for some time regarding a complete review of the terms of the Cam Interchange. By developing the Anglian Pass, both the CC & EA have met this requirement, in collaboration with MLC to provide a joint arrangement.


- A simple, fair and cost effective system for our boating customers and for the three navigation authorities to operate.


- The constraints of the current legislation of the navigation authorities. Some of our legislation can be restrictive in allowing the type of arrangement some may like to see.


- A review of short-term/visitor costs across the country. The costs of shortterm/visitor registrations/licences, and the amount of navigation this charge covered was researched, to ensure our proposals were comparable to those across the country.


- Flexibility to allow the three navigation authorities to set their own registration charges. An arrangement linked to registration charges would mean all three navigation authorities would have to stick to the same registration charges to ensure fairness in price across all three navigations. A separate The Conservators of the River Cam arrangement, allows the three navigation authorities to change their tariffs and charges, individually, should they choose to do so.


- Ensuring we receive the income required to provide our navigation services and maintenance. There is a requirement for Public bodies to follow the guidance in the Managing Public Money handbook and as pressure increases on funding, all navigation authorities need to ensure those who benefit from services, pay for them.


- Reduced impact on administration resources and costs. Lessons have been learnt from the administration of the Cam Interchange. The arrangement needs to take into consideration the resources of each navigation authority to administer the Anglian Pass, and the potential costs involved in issuing the Pass, whilst covering the costs of those administration functions.


- The consequences if no arrangement in place. If an arrangement cannot be agreed, then boaters will need to obtain individual short-term/visitor registrations every time they visit a neighbouring navigation authorities waters, potentially from multiple authorities at potentially considerable extra cost.


2.0 Supporting information


2.1 Assessment of powered vessel short-term/visitor charges/fees across the country

Assessment of powered vessel short term/visitor fees across the country

2.2 Assessment of current one month registration/licence charges across powered boat lengths

Assessment of current one month registration/licence charges across powered boat lengths

3.0 The Anglian Pass – Proposals


- The Pass will cover a total of 751km of navigation in the Anglian area.


- The Pass will be available to all powered vessels, both private and commercial.


- The Pass will run annually, commencing 1 April and finishing on 31 March the following year.


- The Pass can be obtained at any point during the year, but the price is fixed and no discount will be applied if obtained later in the boating season.


- The Pass will allow unrestricted access to the waters of the EA, MLC & CC during the year purchased.


- The Pass will be made up of 4 bands, currently based on vessel length; Up to 5m, over 5m to 10m, over 10m to 15m and over 15m.


- The cost of the Pass for each band will be a fixed annual charge for each band of; £25, £50, £75 and £100 respectively. (This is the equivalent of 7p, 17p, 21p and 27p a day).


- The Pass will only be available to boaters with a valid annual vessel registration/licence with a statutory navigation authority.


- The Pass does not replace the existing short-term/visitor registrations/ licences available with the EA and MLC, which will remain as an alternative option, but as now a maximum of 3 months visitor registrations will be allowed.


- The Pass, for all customers, will be available from the Environment Agency’s National Customer Call Centre. 


- An Anglian Pass certificate/plate/disc will be issued, separate to an annual registration disc/plate.


- Any increases in the cost of the of the Pass will be set at a maximum increase of the October Consumer Price Index (of the October before the next boating season, starting 1 April) plus 2%, rounded to the nearest whole pound.


- Details of those applying for the Anglian Pass will be shared between the EA, MLC & CC. This will be covered by the appropriate Privacy Notice requirements.