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Times are for boats navigation to/from Denver Lock and Salters Lode.


For other destinations or for boats over 62' speak to a lock operative.


Tides in red are neap tides and locking may be restricted or not possible.


Denver:               01366 382013

Salters Lode:    01366 382292

Assessment of powered vessel short term/visitor fees across the country

2.2 Assessment of current one month registration/licence charges across powered boat lengths

Assessment of current one month registration/licence charges across powered boat lengths

3.0 The Anglian Pass – Proposals


- The Pass will cover a total of 751km of navigation in the Anglian area.


- The Pass will be available to all powered vessels, both private and commercial.


- The Pass will run annually, commencing 1 April and finishing on 31 March the following year.


- The Pass can be obtained at any point during the year, but the price is fixed and no discount will be applied if obtained later in the boating season.


- The Pass will allow unrestricted access to the waters of the EA, MLC & CC during the year purchased.


- The Pass will be made up of 4 bands, currently based on vessel length; Up to 5m, over 5m to 10m, over 10m to 15m and over 15m.


- The cost of the Pass for each band will be a fixed annual charge for each band of; £25, £50, £75 and £100 respectively. (This is the equivalent of 7p, 17p, 21p and 27p a day).


- The Pass will only be available to boaters with a valid annual vessel registration/licence with a statutory navigation authority.


- The Pass does not replace the existing short-term/visitor registrations/ licences available with the EA and MLC, which will remain as an alternative option, but as now a maximum of 3 months visitor registrations will be allowed.


- The Pass, for all customers, will be available from the Environment Agency’s National Customer Call Centre. 


- An Anglian Pass certificate/plate/disc will be issued, separate to an annual registration disc/plate.


- Any increases in the cost of the of the Pass will be set at a maximum increase of the October Consumer Price Index (of the October before the next boating season, starting 1 April) plus 2%, rounded to the nearest whole pound.


- Details of those applying for the Anglian Pass will be shared between the EA, MLC & CC. This will be covered by the appropriate Privacy Notice requirements.

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