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River Advice for Boaters (RAB) Online Application Form

Anglian Waterways

River Advice for Boaters (RAB) is a free messaging system to advise our registered boaters when levels and flows are above normal and some of our locks are being prepared or used to discharge flood water.  We recommend everyone on Anglian waterways should register to receive RAB messages.

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Please use this form to register, update or cancel RAB messages. 
Before clicking 'Submit' you will be asked to confirm that you have read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Notice which can be viewed here.

How will your information be used?

The Environment Agency currently provides RAB messages on three Anglian Waterways rivers, the River Ancholme, River Nene and River Great Ouse (Bedford to St Ives and St Ives to Earith).  We will use the information you have provided to register you for the RAB messages using our Flood Warning System.

River Advice for Boaters (RAB) messages

I am registering for RAB messages for the first time

1. For which river(s) do you want to receive RAB messages? Please tick all that apply.

2. A phone number, either landline or mobile for the  Environment Agency's Flood Warning System to ring.  We recommend you receive a voice message as we cannot guarantee text and/or email messages will be sent by a third party. 

On which phone number do you want to receive the automated voice message?

3. We can also send additional messages via text and email.  If required, please provide the details below:

4.  What is your vessel name and/or registration number*?

*This is used as a security question. If you do not have a vessel on our waterways please provide us with an alternative security question and answer of your choosing, in the format shown:

Example:        Mother's Maiden Name (Smith)

I want to update my RAB details

I want to change my number

I want to change my email address

Other, please provide details

It is important you update your details if they change as failure to do so will mean you may not receive the messages you have requested.

You can also update your RAB details via the Flood Warning System website at click 'sign-in' and enter your email address or the 8-digit reference number, plus your password, which was supplied in the confirmation letter or email sent by the Flood Warning System.  If you don't have these details click the 'problem signing-in' button and follow the instructions.

I no longer want to receive the following RAB messages

We would be interested to know why you no longer wish to receive these messages

Your details - this section must be completed in full

What happens now?

Once we receive your request, we aim to register your details within 10 working days.


If you are registering new or updating RAB contact details you will receive a test message from Floodline.  Once you receive the test message(s) you are registered to receive future RAB messages.  Until you receive the test message, please continue to phone Floodline for updates on 0345 988 1188, choose option 1, then option 1 again, then option 2, then option 1 and enter the quick dial number(s) for the river(s) you want to hear about:

  • 033211 - Great Ouse (Bedford to St Ives)

  • 033212 - Great Ouse (St Ives to Earith)

  • 032112 - Nene

  • 031212 - Ancholme

You will also receive a letter/email from Floodline once your registration has been completed, updated or removed.  Please check the letter/email to make sure all your details are correct and you are registered to receive the correct RAB messages.

Our RAB contact details are:


Environment Agency, Waterways, Ceres House, Searby Road, Lincoln LN2 4DW



Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice which can be viewed here

Thank you, your submission has been successfully sent.

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