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A man stands at the helm of a narrow boat. Houses and trees line the river.

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Welland & Glen Navigations

The Rivers Welland and Glen are typical of Lincolnshire's quiet, unspoilt waters.  As yet relitively undiscovered, you have a chance to experience what many people regard as one of their prime reasons for spending time in Lincolnshire.

The upper reaches of the Welland extend right up in to Stamford, although here the channel is small and only really suitable for light craft and canoes.  As the river makes its way downstream to Peakirk, the channel widens and larger craft can navigate with care.  From Peakirk downstream, the channel is wide and small sail craft enjoy the use of the water close to Spalding.

Our slipway at Crowland offers licensed craft safe and easy access into the Welland.  If you are visiting Spalding, do not miss a trip on the  Spalding Water Taxi which runs between the town centre and Springfields Shopping Outlet.

Downstream of Spalding, the Welland becomes tidal in nature and is met by the River Glen at Surfleet, before finally merging to form the important marine environment know as the Wash Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The River Glen is navigable to Tongue End, however most boaters enjoy the river's charm and amenities available around Pinchbeck and Surfleet.

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